Nutritional Information About Pink Lady Apples

Nutritional Information About Pink Lady Apples

Vibrant pink color and sweet-tart flavor are the two main characteristics that have made Pink Lady a favorite apple of people all over the world. This Buzzle write-up presents information on the nutritional value of these apples. Read on to know the unique qualities and health benefits of this fat-free, thirst quenching fruit.
Did You Know?
A pear sinks but an apple floats, because its density is less than that of water. The branch of botany that helps study, cultivate, and store fruits is known as pomology. Although an apple tree takes three to four years to produce its first fruit, it lives for hundreds of years.
The brand Pink Lady is well-known for its medium-sized, sweet, and smooth-skinned apples. This naturally exhilarating fruit has a pale greenish yellow skin with an attractive pink or crimson blush. Its creamy, dense, and juicy flesh always provides great taste, no matter in when you buy it. These apples are produced in various countries at different times, but with similar specifications. The brand has been successful in consistently maintaining the quality of the fruits in terms of color, firmness, and sugar content.

A plate full of sliced Pink Lady apple lying on your dining table can arouse all your senses. This juicy, aromatic, and crunchy fruit is utterly seductive. It is sweet and delicious, but the first bite is tart. This modern breed was developed in Australia by John Cripps in the 1970s. It is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady Williams. It is the first apple with a trademark. It comes with a typical pink heart-shaped sticker on it. The trees and fruits grow well in warm, hot as well as cold climates. These apples have a very long shelf life when refrigerated. And they taste better when stored for a few weeks. At room temperature, they remain fresh for about 8-15 days.

Nutrition Facts

According to the official Pink Lady website,

100 g of the fruit contains 54 calories. According to the USDA data, 109 g (1 Cup) of Fuji apples contain 69 calories. Thus, this branded apple is relatively low in calories.

It is fat-free and sodium-free.

It does not contain cholesterol.

There are 10 g (10%) of carbohydrates in 100 g Pink Lady apples.

These 10 g of carbs include 2 g dietary fiber. Maximum sugar content is one of the unique properties of this apple. As it is high in fructose, it provides a lot of energy.

You should not peel it before eating. The skin contains about 50% of the vitamins.

It is a good source of antioxidants.

It contains 4% vitamins and minerals, and over 80% water.

About one quarter of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C can be obtained through its consumption.

Health Benefits

The fiber promotes easy digestion and prevents abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

According to the study results presented during the "Experimental Biology Congress" in 2008, regular consumption of apples reduces the risk of having diabetes and a cardiovascular disease by 27%.

Those who incorporate apples in their regular diet are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

Apple being a negative calorie fat-free food helps maintain the weight within the normal range.

Antioxidants in the fruit prevent premature aging and strengthen your immune system.

As it contains 80% water, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. The water helps keep the body hydrated.

Consumers often complain about relatively higher prices of these apples. It should be noted that the long ripening process of Pink Lady (extreme care has to be taken as it is the first apple to blossom and the last to be harvested) and more than 1,300 inspections performed intermittently to check the specifications and to maintain the quality of the fruit, lead to involvement of more number of experts in the growing process of these apples. From plantation to packaging, every process is carefully monitored, and the quality of the fruit is strictly maintained. So, if you want to have an unforgettable taste experience, you should buy these branded apples.