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Pinto Beans Nutrition Facts

Pinto Beans are one of the most common beans used in the USA. Here's the nutritional value of pinto beans with some facts highlighting their popularity in American culture.
Omkar Phatak Nov 6, 2018
Pinto beans, also known as frijol pinto in Spanish are a common type of beans used all over the United States and Mexico. Their scientific name is 'Phaseolus Vulgaris ' .
Their appearance is distinguished from other beans, by a beige background, which is strewn with reddish brown spots. They turn pink when cooked and have a creamy texture. The 'pinto' attribute in the name is due to the mottled skin of the beans, comparable to a pinto horse.
These beans originated in Peru and spread throughout the America. They made an appearance in Europe in the 15th century. Pinto beans are used in many recipes like burritos, where it is used for filling. It is also eaten whole or mashed in a broth or eaten in fried form.
It is a symbol of regional identity for the Mexican Americans in United states, who brought it with them, to the United States. These beans along with chili are the state vegetables of New Mexico, where it is known as frijol. In Texas, they are known as 'Cowboy Beans'. The reason being that they were brought to Texas by Mexican Cowboys who found jobs there.
There are four main varieties of pinto beans: Burke, Sierra, Othello, Maverick. In southeastern United States, these beans were a part of the staple diet of the poor, during winter months, along with milk, cornbread and cabbage.
There are churches in the United States which still organize and sponsor 'Pinto Beans Supper', as fundraising programs and social gatherings. This is a testimony to the wholesome nutritional diet that pinto beans offer and their popularity in American culture.

Pinto Beans: Nutritional Analysis

Now that we know some history of pinto beans and their importance in popular culture, let us get to know about their calories and their nutritional value. They are very high in fiber content and are an excellent source of proteins. Here is a nutritional breakdown of 193 gm of raw beans.
The Nutrient Content of pinto beans and its value in Grams is as follows:

✜ Water :- 21.87 gm
✜ Protein :- 41.34 gm
✜ Total Fat :- 2.37 gm
✜ Carbohydrate :-120.72 gm
✜ Dietary Fiber :- 29.9 gm
✜ Total Sugar :- 4.07 gm
✜ Energy :- 670 Kcal
The Mineral Content of pinto beans and its value in Mg is as follows:

✜ Calcium :- 218 mg
✜ Iron :- 9.79 mg
✜ Magnesium :- 340 mg
✜ Phosphorus :- 793 mg
✜ Potassium :- 2688 mg
✜ Sodium :- 23 mg
✜ Zinc :- 4.4 mg
The Vitamin Content of pinto beans and its value in gm is as follows:
✜ Vitamin C :- 12.2 mg
✜ Thiamin :- 1.376 mg
✜ Riboflavin :- 0.409 mg
✜ Niacin :- 2.266 mg
✜ Vitamin B6 :- 0.915 mg
✜ Folate :- 1013 µg
✜ Vitamin E :- 0.41 mg
✜ Vitamin K :- 10.8 µg
The Lipid (Fatty Acid) Content of pinto beans and its value in Grams is as follows:
✜ Saturated 0.454 gm
✜ Monounsaturated 0.442 gm
✜ Polyunsaturated 0.786 gm
✜ Cholesterol 0 gm

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database
All leguminous beans are excellent foods for health. However, these beans are especially more nutritious because they are packed with proteins and minerals. They are good sources of potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, tryptophan and folate.

Nutritional Advantages Offered By Pinto Beans

The nutrition facts presented here are based on medical research on their nutritional value and health benefits.
✜ Pinto beans are rich sources of dietary fiber that helps in lowering cholesterol level in blood. They are particularly abundant sources of phosphorus and manganese, as well as folate. In fact, it is one of the most complete sources of vitamins for the human body.
✜ Being low in saturated fat and devoid of cholesterol, these beans make for filling food that's light on the heart.
✜ Pinto beans are recommended diet for individuals suffering from hypoglycemia, diabetes or insulin resistance, as they restrain sugar level in blood from rising rapidly.
✜ By controlling sugar levels, they provide slow burning energy to the human body.
✜ The gel like soluble fibers in these beans, remove bile from the digestive tract, by linking with it.
✜ They replenish the protein stores of the body, by providing fat free proteins.
✜ Several gastrointestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis can be effectively treated by intake of these beans, as the insoluble fibers in them effectively prevent constipation and increase the stool bulk level.
✜ Being rich in fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium, they help in preventing many heart diseases.
✜ Pinto beans are beneficial for people with sulfate sensitivity, as the Molybdenum in them removes the toxic sulfates.
✜ Being rich source of iron, they are recommended diet addition for menstruating women, pregnant women and growing children.
Leguminous beans like pinto should always be part of your diet, as they supply adequate amount of proteins to the body and reduce heart disorder risks. Being rich bundles of minerals, pinto beans are an indispensable part of American and Mexican food culture.
What we are, is also a direct result of what we eat. Ergo, choose your food wisely. Opting for the nutritious over delicious is the best strategy.