Calories in Tabouli

Scholasticus K Mar 12, 2019
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Tabouli is a mouth-watering salad from the eastern Mediterranean region. This salad is known for its healthy content and great taste. Here, we will get into more details regarding the calories present in tabouli.
Lebanese and Levantine cuisine is a merger of Asian and European culture with a tinge of Arabic and north African culture assimilated into it. In addition to the collaborated method of cooking, one will also notice that the ingredients are borrowed from all three continents.
Tabouli (more popularly spelled and pronounced as Tabbouleh) is a salad dish that is derived from the middle eastern culture and is often found in Lebanese and Levantine cuisines.
The calories and nutrition that are derived from the salad have been discussed ahead. It must be noted that since the recipes are almost the same, Lebanese Tabouli calories are almost equal to normal Tabouli salad calories.

Nutrition Information

Before we proceed to the amount of calories that are found in this salad, let us take a look at some Tabouli nutrition facts. Tabouli is principally a vegetarian salad that is rich in vitamins and is full of fiber.
It contains parsley, bulgur, mentha, tomatoes, scallion, lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper, cinnamon, and allspice. Many new ingredients have been since added to the salad and several modified recipes that contain meat have been innovated and improvised. Here we'll go in depth about the old vegetarian recipe.
The salad contains a large spectrum of much-needed dietary nutrition. Tabouli salad contains small amounts of saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats. In addition to that, it also contains sodium and potassium, coupled with dietary fibers and sugars.
The salad contains an arsenal of vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Apart from that, the salad also contains calcium, copper, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, niacin, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, zinc, riboflavin, selenium, and thiamin.

Calorie Count

Depending on the ingredients and the servings of these ingredients, the calories of the dish will change. The popular ingredients used for making a tabouli salad include tomatoes, parsley, mint, water, and onions, and an addition of bulgur wheat or couscous.
The dish is then seasoned with olive oil, lime juice, and salt. Given here is a sample of the calories present in tabouli.

For a tabouli salad that serves 4, the calories present in each of the ingredients, depending on the servings used are as follows.
Tomatoes (2) = 66 kcal
Parsley (½ cup) = 11 kcal
Bulgur wheat (½ cup) = 76 kcal
Mint (4 tbsp.) = 4 kcal
Onions (2 tbsp.) = 8 kcal
Olive oil (1 tbsp.) = 119 kcal
Lemon juice (⅛ cup) = 7 kcal
Salt (0.75 tsp.) = 0 kcal
Water (¾ cup) = 0 kcal

Total= 291 kcal
The total calories present in this recipe of tabouli amount to 291. The calories can either be increased or reduced depending on the portions and sizes of the ingredients used.

Preparing the Dish

Add bulgur wheat to boiling water and let stand for 30 minutes. Chop onions, tomatoes, mint, and parsley and add to the wheat. Add the rest of the ingredients (olive oil, lemon, salt) and mix well.
The Tabouli calorie count is less in the vegetarian recipe. Meat is commonly added as a non-vegetarian variation to the traditional recipe. In which case, the number of calories increases. To make it as healthy as possible, many prefer to use the vegetarian recipe as it complements the rest of the meal and the ingredients help in healthy digestion of food.
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