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Testosterone for Bodybuilding

Testosterone for Bodybuilding

The hormone called testosterone plays an important role in building the muscles of our body. The importance of testosterone in bodybuilding and its effects on the health are described below.
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A hormone which comes under the group called androgen, testosterone is basically a kind of steroid secreted in the testes (by the Leydig cells) and ovaries in males and females respectively. Testosterone is also secreted by the adrenal glands in small amounts, both in men and women. Though it is also secreted by females, testosterone is primarily known as a male sex hormone. It is considered highly important for muscle building. Secretion of testosterone is also attributed to characteristics like deep voice, aggression, facial hair, lower body fats and premature hair loss. Let us now understand the relation between testosterone and bodybuilding.
Importance of Testosterone in Bodybuilding
Bodybuilders take the assistance of testosterone supplements in order to increase the size of muscles. Such kind of external hormones help in pushing the body beyond its natural limit. Testosterone is a hormone which promotes the build-up of red-blood cells in the body. This in turn allows us to work out with lot more energy and strength. The testosterone supplements come in different forms like topical, injectable and oral. Anabolic effects of testosterone are mainly the growth and strengthening of muscles. Another important aspect of testosterone-induced anabolism is the rise in density and strength of bones.
Side-effects of Testosterone Supplements
The side-effects of testosterone supplements in men include the rise in LDL cholesterol levels, decreased HDL cholesterol, gynecomastia, acne, abnormal liver function, high blood pressure, testicle shrinkage and prostate enlargement. In women, the side-effects associated with high blood pressure, cholesterol and acne are the same as in men. Apart from these problems, other abnormalities observed in women include the deepening of voice, facial hair growth, baldness, etc. The long-term health problems resulting from testosterone intake are liver failure, cancers, heart disease, neurological problems and weight-related issues.

Testosterone Supplements List

The first thing to keep in mind while using testosterone for bodybuilding is that guidance of doctors in deciding on the dose is necessary. Teenagers should strictly avoid taking testosterone supplements; it may cause hormonal imbalance. In fact, most testosterone supplement products are meant only for those above 20 years. The dose of testosterone should be taken as per the recommendations of doctors. Here is a list of testosterone supplement products available in the market.
The Viraloid testosterone supplement is prepared by deriving steroidal alkaloids from the plants which contain high amounts of sterol. It is responsible for causing a rise in luteinizing hormones, which in turn increases the production of testosterone in our body. A company called 'Vyotech Nutritionals' manufactures this product. The benefit of using this product is that it works better in the long run.

This product helps our body in increasing the production of testosterone. It is basically an embryonic peptide matrix. Humanfort also contains different kinds of growth factors. They include the insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2), nerve growth factors (NGF), fibroblast growth factors (FGF), connective tissue growth factors (CTGF) and epidermal growth factors (EGF). The adrenal hormones like 17-hydroxycorticosteroids (17-OHCS) and 17-ketosteroid sulfates (17-KS-S) are normalized by the intake of this product.

It is an anabolic mineral formula designed scientifically and contains Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Monomethionine and vitamin B-6. This mineral formula helps in strengthening the muscles by raising the anabolic hormonal levels in our body.

Herbs for Bodybuilding
The herbs described below help in raising the testosterone levels in our body. You may find these herbs in different testosterone supplement products available in the market.
Tribulus Terrestris
This herb is found in Bulgaria. Tribulus terrestris is responsible for increasing the level of luteinizing hormones in our body; the luteinizing hormones in turn help raise the testosterone levels in our body.

Avena Sativa
This herb functions in a manner similar to that of Tribulus terrestris. Avena sativa (wild oat) is a herb which stimulates the production of luteinizing hormones and thereby increases the testosterone levels in our body.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
This herb not only stimulates the production of luteinizing hormones, but also frees the bound testosterone.

Natural Bodybuilding
The use of testosterone sounds tempting from the point of attaining short-term gains. One should however, take up natural bodybuilding for a slow but steady growth of muscles. One should also keep in mind that over-sized muscles are of no particular use without a healthy and strong body. It would only harm the overall health in the long term. Along with testosterone, muscles also need proper training to gain strength. Regular exercise & workouts and a balanced diet would help attain proportionate and healthy muscles. The temptation of growing the muscle mass in a short span of time draws people towards illegal use of testosterone. One should keep in mind that the side-effects of illegal use of testosterone drugs outweigh its benefits.

As far as possible, one should avoid the use of testosterone for bodybuilding. In case of low testosterone levels, supplements must be taken under the guidance of doctors. Finally, one can say that natural bodybuilding is the best.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.