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Turkey Burgers Vs. Beef Burgers

Turkey Burgers Vs. Beef Burgers: A Meaty Battle

What should be the better choice when it comes to turkey burgers and beef burgers, as far as the nutrition is concerned? Here is a bit of useful evaluation to decide which one is best when it comes to turkey burgers vs. beef burgers.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Hamburgers, generally called burgers, are arguably the most popular fast food items today. Hamburgers are nothing but a sandwich made out of a meat patty or ground meat and several vegetables like onion, lettuce, tomatoes along with cheese, mayonnaise, pickles and mustard. The patty used in hamburgers is often made of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and even fish. Hamburgers are actually high on calories and the nutritional value of hamburgers vary as per the patty that is used in it. There is much of a debate across the world and a competition 'turkey burgers vs hamburgers made of beef'.
When it comes to the comparison between ground turkey and ground beef, beef is always considered to be a healthier option because ground turkey contains more amount of saturated fats and calories. What about ground turkey burgers vs lean ground beef burgers? Well, let the battle of foods begin―turkey burger vs beef burger.
Turkey Burgers

Turkey, in both, fresh and frozen forms, is used for making turkey burgers. Its meat is delicious and well-suited for people who don't prefer beef for the reasons of their own. The taste of the turkey meat can be the reason behind the traditional use of smoked turkey into the hamburger recipes and menus. When it comes to nutrition, the facts can vary in accordance with which part is being used to prepare the burgers. Between red and white meat of the turkey, white meat is considered to be healthier and nutritional. When white meat is used for making burgers, the comparison remains actually at equal level as there is not much of a difference in the nutritional facts. Check out the following chart that explains nutritional facts of a single turkey burger.
Calories 740
Calories from fat 373
Total Fat 41.4g
Saturated Fat 10.674g
Polyunsaturated Fat 10.17g
Monounsaturated Fat 15.396g
Cholesterol 321mg
Sodium 1363mg
Potassium 850mg
Protein 86.14g

A thing to highlight here is that one turkey burger contains 50% of vitamin A, 15% of vitamin C, 25% of calcium and 25% iron. When considered this way, the comparison turkey burger vs beef burger leans towards turkey burgers!
Beef Burgers

Beef burgers are very popular and are actually the traditional American sort of hamburgers. American beef burger recipes became a rage a few years back and are still popular in many countries. For several countries like India, beef burgers are not eaten for religious reasons. When talking on the nutritional grounds, nutritional facts of beef burger vary in accordance to which part is being used to prepare the beef burgers. Lean ground beef and extra lean beef are supposedly the ideal choices for healthier beef burgers. Check out the following chart that explains nutrition facts of a single beef burger.
Calories 700
Calories from Fat 315
Total Fat 35g
Cholesterol 230mg
Sodium 324mg
Protein 75g

Beef burger contains 15% vitamin A, 15% vitamin C, 10% calcium and 60% iron.
Turkey Burgers Vs. Beef Burgers

Here, it is important to consider that the competition is held between two equal contenders. Like white meat of turkey and lean ground beef. There is one more aspect to this and that is the preparation method of hamburgers―if the hamburgers are grilled or baked, the kind of seasoning used and many such things actually decide their nutritional value. That way, turkey burgers in the oven are always better than highly seasoned and grilled beef burger.
Turkey burgers are healthy when they are made of the turkey breast or the white part of the turkey meat and beef burgers are only healthy when they are made of lean beef. The concept of grain fed meat and grass fed meat also plays a major role in deciding who wins the battle between turkey burgers vs. beef burgers. Grass-fed meats like beef are supposedly healthier than the grain-fed meats, but this debate can be paralleled by the regional beliefs and faiths. For instance, in places where beef comes in the sacred category, people can always opt for turkey burgers when it comes to turkey burgers and beef burgers.
All in all, considering all the facts and nutritional values, beef burgers seem better. Moreover, it is always in the hands of the eater to decide what he wants to eat and how. All we say is, keep aside the debate of these burgers and enjoy every bite of your food!
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