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Types of Oranges

Types of Oranges

An orange is a citrus fruit, full of minerals and vitamin C. Sweet and tangy, they come in a variety of types, which can be enjoyed round the year.
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Derived from the Sanskrit word nāraṅgaḥ meaning orange tree; they are cultivated worldwide in warm climates.

The orange plant is a small flowering tree, with dark green leaves. The fruit is a type of a berry, with flavors that vary from sweet to sour.
Various Types of Oranges
There are about 600 varieties of this fruit grown all over the world; we're listing five of the most popular ones in this article.
Navel Orange
This type is formed due to a single mutation that first occurred on a plantation in Brazil in 1820. When peeled, an undeveloped conjoined twin like fruit was found at the base of the orange. Since the base of the fruit resembles a human navel, it is called Navel orange. This is a seedless variety, propagated through cuttings. It's flesh is very juicy and sweet. A rare variety of this type is the Cara Cara orange, which has a faint flavor of strawberries. Navel orange is cultivated in California and Florida.
Valencia Orange
This type was first created by William Wilfskill, a Californian agronomist, naming it after the Spanish city of Valencia. It is a late season variety and mostly carries two crops. This fruit is sweet, juicy, and has a golden hue to its flesh. Its size ranges from medium to large, with a thin skin. In the warmer months, the skin is tinged with shades of green, a natural process called regreening.
Blood Orange
This orange is Italian in origin, and is now grown on a large scale in California. The peel of the fruit is rose-tinted in color and it has pink to dark reddish flesh, depending on its variety. The season for this fruit is December to July. The blood orange comes in several varieties viz. Tarocco, Sanguinello and Moro.

► The Tarocco is considered to be of superior quality, medium-sized, and has the sweetest flavor.
The Sanguinello is of a seedless variety and has a deep red color. It is native to Spain.
The Moro is a new type, commonly grown in the US, and has a distinct flavor that has a hint of raspberry to its taste.
Jaffa Orange
These mid-season oranges are grown in Jaffa, Israel, hence the name. Their peel is thick and pale orange in color. The flesh is sweet and juicy, with few seeds. They are also known as the Shamouti orange and the produce is borne alternately on the stems. They are oval in shape and have a strong aroma.
They are sweet, widely grown in Florida, and are cold tolerant. They are named after A. G. Hamlin, who discovered a seedling near Deland, Florida, in 1879. They are usually round to oval and their thin rind has shades of dark yellow or orange. They are seedless, sweet, and very juicy, making them favorable for juicing.
Oranges are nature's delight, full of nutritional value. Abundantly found worldwide, this fruit can be eaten fresh or squeezed for its juice. It is also used in a wide variety of recipes for desserts and salads.
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