Vegetable Juice Benefits

Drinking vegetable juices has many benefits. Apart from wonderful results in skin health that they provide, they also help in strengthening your immune system and regulating functions of your body. Read on, to know some of the vegetable juice benefits for a healthy living.
All vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, iron and minerals that help your body function with absolute normality. They provide your body with good nutrition, that makes your skin radiant and healthy. If eating raw or cooked vegetables has got a bit of monotonous, replacing them with vegetable juices is also a great idea. Vegetables juices are easy to carry to office and easy to make as well. The same taste of cooked vegetables can make lunch and dinner seem boring. By having a glass of vegetable juice, you can easily treat your taste buds to preparations other than veggies.
Rich in Fiber
Vegetables are full of fiber, which is an essential ingredient for proper functioning of the body. Vegetables juices contain relatively small amount of fiber, but as they are easy to take in, one can increase its consumption. Fiber helps in easy digestion and curing any digestion problems. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and balances the cholesterol levels. To retain the level of fibers in vegetable juices, use the skin. Vegetable skins are the richest source of fiber. Consuming a lot of fibers makes one feel full very easily, which helps in avoiding intake of junk food. This tendency of fiber helps in losing weight.
Vital Vitamins
Green leafy vegetables are the richest source of vitamins. They are best known to contain vitamin A, C and E. Vitamins are essential for good eyesight, strong immune system and to prevent cell oxidation. These vitamins are also effective antioxidants, which prevent your skin from premature aging and cancerous developments. Pregnant women must especially drink vegetables juices as Folate (a type of vitamin B) is found in vegetables. This vitamin helps in keeping birth defects at bay.
Low Calorie
These drinks are high on energy and low on calorie and hence a recommended dietary intake for those trying to lose a few extra pounds. You can either make a vegetable juice at home or pick a bottled one available in the market. Carrots, beets, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes and beetle gourd are excellent vegetables for making juices. Having a glass of juice just before your meal, will reduce your food intake, while providing you essential nutrients. Vegetable juices are also known to increase metabolism.
Plenty of Potassium
Potassium is necessary for proper muscle functioning, correct transmission of nerve impulses and prevention of fluid retention in the body. Having vegetable juices that are high in potassium will improve kidney functions in body, prevent heart illnesses, reduce bladder infections and maintain blood pressure levels. Sweet potatoes, spinach, turnip, French beans and Chinese broccoli are the best vegetables to increase your potassium intake.
For those who want to avoid solid food for whatever reasons, vegetable juices are an excellent alternative for water and soups. A glass of vegetable will make you feel energetic in an instant, making you feel vivacious, as compared to lethargic after a heavy meal.
Avoid adding any sugar to your juice or any artificial sweeteners as these ingredients will defeat the purpose of having the juice. You can use honey to sweeten the drink, if the need be. You can also add a few berries for the sweet taste. Pick your own vegetables to make your morning juices, instead of buying the ready-made ones. The ingredients in packaged drinks are hard to distinguish and the contents can be artificial or dangerous to your system. Thus, look up for recipes and make your juices to derive the best of vegetable juices benefits.