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Vegetable Oil Vs. Olive Oil

Suvamita Ghosh May 6, 2019
Vegetable oil vs. olive oil, which one is better? Read on to know about the properties of these oils.
A healthy cooking oil is one that contains less cholesterol and fat. Whenever you need to buy any cooking oil, you should think about its flavor and health benefits. Vegetable oil and olive oil, both contain mono-unsaturated fat, and have their own pros and cons. They too, have their own health benefits.
Cooking oil contains unsaturated type of fats that are beneficial for the working of the immune system. Consuming unsaturated fats in limited quantity is considered good for your health.

Vegetable Oil

Canola, grape seed, safflower, and coconut oil are placed under the category of vegetable oils. These are oils that are extracted from plants. Most of them are extracted industrially using solvent extraction process. Most of the pure forms of these oils are good for maintaining a balanced diet.
These are also considered good for high blood pressure patients, and for those suffering from diabetes. Canola oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which is essential for our health. These too exhibit chemical properties like rancidity. If any such oil turns rancid, it loses its nutritious values, and cannot be used for cooking purposes anymore.
Due to their high smoke point, these oils are suitable for high temperature cooking purpose. Canola and grape seed oils are most suited for pan-searing and high heat frying. Some of these oils are used in the preparation of mayonnaise and popcorn, to add more flavor due to their low aroma. These oils look much thinner and lighter.

Olive Oil

Scientifically known as Olea europaea, olive is a fruit which tastes bitter. Olive oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of the olive. The oil extracted is a completely crude form of the natural oil.
This is a type of edible vegetable oil having its own natural flavor. This oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fats and antioxidants. Being a healthy oil, it is used in the cooking process for its nutritious values. Compared to sunflower, corn seed and canola oil, the smoke point of this oil is lower, which is almost 375ºF.
Smoke point is the stage where the fats present in the oils start emitting smoke. Since it has a low fat content, the smoke point is also comparatively less. Cooking with this oil is best suited for moderate heat cooking.
It is believed that this oil protects us from heart diseases, by increasing the good cholesterol levels, and reducing the bad cholesterol levels in our body. It promotes the secretion of bile and other hormones of the pancreas, and has useful effects on treating gastritis.
It comes in different varieties, the best being the extra virgin olive oil. It is the most natural variety, with least refining properties. If the bottle is kept in light and air, it becomes easily oxidized and rancid. So, keep it in cold and dark place with its lid tightly closed.
This topic is quite a debatable one, as both the oils have their own unique features. But oil is widely preferred due to its wholeness and nutritional benefits.