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14 Wonderful Benefits of Haw Flakes That are Worth Knowing

14 Wonderful Benefits of Haw Flakes
Lose weight while gorging on candies. Yes, you read that right! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Haw flakes makes the impossible, possible. They are made from Hawthorn berries that are believed to be extremely beneficial in treating health problems. Let's check out some wonderful benefits of Haw Flakes with NutriNeat.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Nutrition Facts!
One pack of Haw Flakes contains:
  • Calories, 42
  • Sodium, 2 mg
  • Carbohydrates, 12.3 g
  • Total Fat 0
Haw Flakes is a popular snack in China. They are biscuit-like candies that are round in shape. They are made from the sweet and edible Hawthorn berries. Sweet and slightly tart in taste, they make a good snack between meals or whenever you feel like. They are inexpensive and available in plenty in grocery stores and online as well.

I am sure you would want to know how they are made. Here's how...
The berries are mashed with white sugar, and then molded into disc-like shapes to create Haw flakes. They have a grainy texture and resemble caramel candies. The Hawthorn berries in them act as medical ingredients. They are used for various purposes and have proved quite beneficial in treating health problems.

Let us see how Haw flakes and berries are good for health.
Benefits of Haw Flakes and Hawthorn Berries
Weight Loss
Weight loss
Haw flakes boost metabolism and help shed those extra kilos by converting fat into energy. Hawthorn is a natural diuretic that helps in relieving water retention in the body.
Healthy Heart
Healthy heart
Hawthorn berry enhances the overall functioning of the heart and also the circulatory system. They are good for heart muscles that get weakened by age.
Woman with insomnia
They are also useful in treating insomnia. So, all those nocturnal people out there, you now have a handy remedy.
Cardiovascular Problems
Heart injury
The antioxidant property of the hawthorn herbs helps in dealing with cardiovascular problems by regulating the flow of blood.
Blood Pressure
Blood pressure
The flakes also help in dealing with anxiety. They normalize blood pressure levels as well as hypertension by soothing the peripheral blood vessels.
Chest Pain
Chest pain
They help fight chest pain which is caused by the blocking of blood supply to the heart muscle. These flakes improve the flow of blood, and also help people to exercise longer without causing chest pain.
Cholesterol plaque in artery
They also control cholesterol levels in the body. The amazing fact is that the tincture in Hawthorn berries help remove cholesterol.
Congestive Heart Failure
Men with chest pain
The effects of Hawthorn have been studied in people with congestive heart failure. It is a condition in which the heart is not able to pump the required amount of blood to other parts of the body. Hawthorn improves the functioning of heart and improves fatigue and shortness of breath.
Progression of atherosclerosis
The antioxidant properties of Hawthorn also help prevent the formation of plaques which may cause atherosclerosis. Chest pain and heart attacks are a result of plaque formation in blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart. Stokes is another infirmity caused due to plaque formation in arteries that supply blood to the brain.
They help in treating diarrhea and improve digestion of food.

By aiding sufficient utilization of oxygen, they help decrease the risk of kidney stones and are useful in treating asthma.

Its sedative properties help in relieving nervous conditions.

They are also used to treat tapeworms and other intestinal issues, and skin infections.

These berries have been helpful in preventing the early birth of a child and miscarriages in women. They are useful treatments during menopause.
So, these were some amazing benefits of Haw flakes and Hawthorn berries. Quite a healthy treat, isn't it? Carry it with you anywhere and munch it anytime. You can use them in any form you like. Eat it as it is, add it into your recipes, or make syrups out of it. It is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before using it, primarily to avoid side effects. Eat healthy, Stay healthy!

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. You are advised to consult your physician before use or in case of serious health problems.