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An In-depth Insight Into the Yogurt Diet and its Amazing Benefits

Aastha Dogra May 10, 2019
Developed by Ana Luque, a nutritionist and food coach of Hollywood stars, Yogurt Diet consists of adding three servings of yogurt to a balanced, low-fat diet. This write-up takes an in-depth look at the benefits and how-to of this celebrity-endorsed diet plan.
First off, yogurt diet does not consist of eating only yogurt. For this diet to work, replace three of your unhealthy foods with yogurt. For example, instead of a glass of OJ and toast, have a berry parfait for breakfast; or satisfy a sweet tooth with a cup of low-fat frozen yogurt.
It aims at improving your nutritional profile by addition of healthy proteins, minerals and vitamins. Weight is lost, but through eliminating processed foods, which means, you have fewer cravings and high energy, even while losing weight.

What Makes this Diet Work?

As simple and easy at it sounds, this diet has worked wonders for many. The reasons that make this diet so hugely successful are -

➜ Yogurt is filling and yummy, so the hunger pangs stay away longer.

➜ Yogurt can be eaten savory and sweet and is available in a huge array of flavors, so you never get bored of eating it.
➜ Yogurt is rich in protein, which makes you feel satiated faster and longer.

➜ Yogurt aids in digestion of food, so nutrients are easily absorbed, making you feel full of energy all the time.

➜ In this diet, you are not starving yourself or making a drastic change in your diet, so you don't feel sluggish or crave for unhealthy food.

Why Eat Yogurt?

A favorite of dietitians and health-nuts alike, you must be wondering what makes this dairy item so special. So, here is some information for you -

➜ A cup of yogurt contains around 150 calories; a lot less than a frosted cupcake.

➜ Except fiber, yogurt contains just about all nutrients your body needs, including Omega fatty acids and B-vitamins.
➜ By providing the body with calcium, it helps keep the bones strong, decreasing your likelihood of developing osteoporosis.

➜ Yogurt containing "live and active culture" i.e., probiotics; helps keep a balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

➜ Eating yogurt is said to decrease yeast infections and boost your immune system.

The Yogurt Diet Plan

As per the Yogurt Diet, your diet must be rich in vegetables, fruits and proteins, combined with 3 servings of yogurt. The yogurt can be incorporated through your breakfast, lunch, as a snack or dessert.
While healthy, your body needs all kinds of food and an overload of anything will not bode well. So, do not exceed the 3 servings and try to cut down on other dairy. Here is a sample diet plan for you to consider -
  • Tea or coffee
  • Banana Smoothie
  • Tuna wrap with tomatoes and lettuce (Substitute mayonnaise with Greek yogurt)
  • 1 iced fairy cake
  • Salad greens with grilled chicken
  • Frozen yogurt pop

How Do I Add It to My Diet?

Go to any supermarket dairy aisle, and you will be bombarded with an array of yogurt varieties and flavors. It is healthier to stay away from flavored stuff as they contain too much sugar, and stick to the plain, unsweetened yogurt. Add fruits or honey to give it flavor and sweetness. Here are some other wholesome ways to incorporate yogurt in your diet -

Breakfast Ideas

➜ Replace milk in your breakfast cereal with yogurt.
➜ Take some plain yogurt in a glass, add dry, crunchy cereal like oats or muesli, and top off with berries to get a parfait.

➜ Instead of milk, use yogurt to make pancakes or waffles.

➜ Try çilbir, a Turkish dish made with poached eggs and yogurt.

For Lunch

➜ Substitute yogurt mixed with herbs or garlic for mayonnaise in a wrap or sandwich.
➜ Or use it as a creamy dressing for your salad.

➜ Top a baked potato with yogurt instead of sour cream.

➜ Marinate chicken in yogurt, paprika and salt overnight, grill and serve with garden greens.

Snacks with Yogurt

➜ Tzatziki dip with carrot and celery sticks is a great snack for kids and adults alike.

➜ Oat bran muffin made with yogurt, is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth (substitute oil with equal quantity of strained yogurt).
➜ For a healthier version of cookies, substitute half the butter with yogurt (If the recipe says use a cup of butter, take half cup of butter and one-fourth cup yogurt).


➜ Try a yogurt soup - cold cucumber soup is just perfect on a hot day.

➜ Add some plain Greek yogurt to a hot soup, to give it a nice creamy twist.
➜ Make a yogurt sauce by combining Greek yogurt with lemon juice, parsley and cilantro. Add pasta with chopped veggies and chicken to get a quick-fix dinner.

Yogurt for Dessert

➜ Make a frogurt sundae by topping scoops of frozen yogurt with sliced fruits and nuts.
➜ Fill a graham cracker pie crust with a smooth mix of cream cheese (2 parts) and Greek yogurt (1 part) to get a healthier cheesecake.

➜ Blend set jello with a fruit yogurt to make a delightful dessert for the kids.

➜ Freeze yogurt in a Popsicle mold to make yummy yogurt pops.
Its fresh, tangy taste and creamy texture makes yogurt a delectable addition to any dish. Readily available, cheap and liked by almost everyone; its super-easy to make yogurt a part of your diet.
The Yogurt Diet is very easy to follow. Combined with an active lifestyle, it can surely help you lose those extra pounds while improving your health and vitality. The weight lost through this diet is also said to stay-off longer and give you flat-abs.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.