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Zero Carb Foods

Kalpana Kumari Feb 9, 2019
While there is no denying the benefits of carbohydrates, there's also no ignoring that weight gain and increase of sugar in blood tags along with its consumption. Here we intend to enlighten dieters about foods that have very low to zero carb.
Carbohydrate is an organic compound consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It's known as hydrates of carbon, hence the name 'carbohydrate.' 'Carb' is a general usage term. It serves an important function in your body.
Its main role is to act as a source of energy. It is essential for your health and survival. Nowadays, many people who aspire to lose weight quickly follow a zero carb diet.
But what are zero carb foods? These are the foods that contain negligible or almost zero amount of carbohydrate and the ones that help you lose weight as well as keep your blood sugar in control.

Examples of Best Zero Carb Foods


In the zero carb foods list, the item that is often found to be present at the top is water. It is absolutely devoid of any carbohydrate. Water is essential for life. It benefits you in numerous ways.
If you are an aspirant of weight loss, you should have 8-10 glasses of water a day. This is because, water is a great metabolism booster and promotes fast consumption of calories.


Certain types of fish can be listed in the group of zero carbohydrate foods. They are walleye, Pacific cold, yellowfin, orange roughy, tuna, rainbow traut, Pacific and Atlantic halibut and Atlantic ocean perch.
There are some canned fish that do not contain carbohydrates. These are Atlantic sardines in oil, pink salmon, Atlantic cod, white tuna in water, etc.


You may find various chicken products that contain no carb. Some examples are chicken stew meat, giblet, canned chicken and chicken breast.
Other examples of poultry that are free from carbohydrates are ground turkey meat and a duck. Make sure that all these food products are not added with sugar during cooking.


There are certain products of beef that are considered as zero carbohydrate foods. Some of these are beef products such as canned corned beef, bottom round, whole beef ribs, top sirloin, ground beef patties, etc. These food products contain proteins and fat.


Pork is another example of zero carb food. Pork shoulder, roast, ribs, loin, spareribs, county-style ribs and ham are a few products that don't contain carbs. You'll find no carbs in pork sausage link, sausage patty and plain pork skins.


Eggs contain proteins, fat, and no carbohydrate. In a boiled egg, the white portion contains proteins, while the yellow part consists of fat. Therefore, eggs are another kind of food that is devoid of carbohydrates.


There are a few vegetables that can be considered as a no-carbohydrate food as they have almost no carbohydrates. The list includes spinach, bok choi, lettuce, cucumber, and celery.


Beverages such as tea and coffee are free from carbohydrates until they are added with sugar from outside.


There are some varieties of cheese that contain almost negligible carbohydrates. These are Camembert, Munster, Parmesan, and cheddar.
If you are looking for zero carb foods that can help you lose weight fast, then it is worth mentioning here that some of the mentioned food products may not contain carbohydrate, but may be rich in fats. Carving a diet out of such foods will not help you in weight loss.
Moreover, following a zero carbohydrate diet is never recommendable as it may give rise to numerous health issues such as weakness, fatigue, recurrent muscle cramps, etc.
If you wish to give a shot to zero carb food diet, then you must consult a medical practitioner. Otherwise, follow a balanced diet and moderate exercise regimen. They are the key to lead a healthy and fit life.