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Cow Milk Vs. Goat Milk

Dairy Basics: A Perfect Comparison on Cow Milk Vs. Goat Milk

The comparison presented in the article should help you to understand more about cow milk and goat milk. The article compares the two.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Milk is the staple form of food consumed all across the world in various forms. Cow milk and goat milk, are popular dairy foods used by people. Both of them have their own set of advantages.
Comparative Study of Cow and Goat Milk
The points enlisted below should help in understanding the differences between both forms.
  • Goat milk has a milder taste.
  • Fat molecules of goat milk are smaller in size and hence, cream cannot be separated from it. Smaller size of fat molecules is attributed to the substance called agglutinin.
  • The general conception about the chemical, cholesterol is that it is harmful for health. However, myelin sheaths which form the white matter in brain require cholesterol in order to maintain their health. The cholesterol present in goat milk is readily absorbed by the brain; health of myelin sheaths can be maintained in a better manner with its intake.
  • The pre-formed vitamin A present in it is readily available for use by the body.
  • Cow's milk is known to have an acid reaction. Goat milk, on the other hand, has an alkaline reaction, similar to that of mother's milk. Therefore, they both have a similar chemical composition.
  • Chemicals like fluorine and chlorine are needed by the body, since they act as germicides and help prevent diabetes. These chemicals are present in greater quantities in goat milk.
  • The mucous present in cow milk is not contained in goat milk. Those people suffering from asthma and different types of allergies can therefore, use the latter without facing any trouble.
  • People who do not have a strong digestive system can consume goat milk as it is lighter. It is good for the baby's health.
  • It is homogenized in its natural form. A person with a weak liver too can tolerate it due to its homogenized form and smaller fat molecules.
  • Two percent of goat milk can be precipitated into yogurt. On the other hand, for cow's milk, it is about 10%.
  • Goat milk is considered to be good for people suffering from constipation.
  • Its inherent antibodies help in preventing diseases like tuberculosis. Therefore, it is used by people from third-world countries to cure this disease.
  • The carotene (pro-vitamin A) present in it are highly evolved in comparison to that of any other milk. This form of carotene is helpful in the prevention of cancer.
Earlier, goat milk was not used in North America. Nowadays, however, it is gaining popularity in Canada and the United States. Its intake has nutritional benefits and it is economical to rear goats for the purpose of milk as they require very less space in comparison to buffaloes and cows. It is thus, possible to rear them even in the backyard.
The information presented in this article is useful for understanding the benefits of goat's milk. Of course, cow's milk is not an inferior form of dairy food. However, owing to the number of benefits offered by the former, one can think about its intake on a regular basis.