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Enzymes in Vegetables and Fruits

Enzymes in Vegetables and Fruits

Our body needs enzymes for easy and smooth digestion. While some enzymes are made by the body, there are some which can be acquired by the food we eat. This article focuses on the enzymes in vegetables and fruits and how they can actually contribute in living a healthy life.
Shalu Bhatti
There are various enzymes that the body requires for its smooth functioning and maintaining health. Enzymes are nothing but the proteins that are designed to help in the process of digestion and enable other chemical processes in the body to be done in a smooth and easy way. The enzyme known as Amylase, actually helps breaking down carbohydrates and starches that we consume. There are certain enzymes that also help in prevention of certain health issues. For example, an enzyme known as Bromelain helps to reduce inflammatory conditions. While there are some enzymes that the body tends to produce on its own, there are some enzymes that we have to supply to our body through the foods that we consume. The enzymes in vegetables and fruits are known to be one of the best sources for this purpose.

Fruits and Vegetables High in Enzymes

Yes, fruits and vegetables are a great source of enzymes that are required by our body to be healthy. But then, it also matters as to how you end up consuming them. It would be interesting for you to know that before 1930, when the phenomena known as digestive leukocytosis existed, it was noticed that there was a rapid increase in the white blood cell count after a person consumed cooked food. This increase in the number of white blood cells was considered to be normal back then, but it was still a concern as to why would the WBC's increase because that happens only when the body perceives a threat or is under stress! A research was done by the Swiss researchers at the Institute of Chemical Chemistry in 1930 and it was then discovered that consuming foods in their natural form, doesn't increase the white blood cell count. This means that when we consume foods that are altered due to cooking in high temperatures (more than 118°F), processing, refining or preserving, the body feels threatened. Which is why, if you want to consume the original nutrients and enzymes that vegetables and fruits contain, it is best to consume them raw. So what are some of the fruits and vegetables high in enzymes? Have a look...
  • Speaking of fruits rich in enzymes, the first name that comes in my mind is pineapple! Remember I mentioned about an enzyme known as bromelain which helps reducing inflammation resulting from infections and injuries. Pineapple is one fruit that is rich in it, especially the stem.
  • Next in the list comes papaya! They contain a high amount of enzyme known as papain, which according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, helps in treating health conditions like bedsores, burns, ulcers and wounds on the skin.
  • Grapefruit is another option that contains essential enzymes. They are considered to be a good option for people dealing with diabetes, heart problems and cholesterol issues.
  • Almost all the fruits like apples, pears, all kinds of berries are loaded with essential enzymes and nutrients. Speaking of berries, strawberries are known to be loaded with silicon which are known to be helpful for smooth function of the pancreas. Beetroots and citrus fruits are also good.
  • Eating raw asparagus is also a good source of an enzyme known as glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme is considered to be helpful in producing antioxidants in the body and supplying other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and lettuce are rich in chlorophyll and have abundance of enzymes and antioxidants that can actually contributing in your overall health and fitness.
  • Studies reveal that sprouts contain 100 times more enzymes as compared to any other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, soak various seeds of your choice in the water and wait for them to sprout.
So, these were some of the well-known fruits and vegetables that can be included in your diet if you want to eat foods rich in enzymes. A body with adequate amount of essential enzymes actually becomes more immune when it comes to acquiring infections and diseases. It's needless to say that these foods help in making the digestion process easy, which means that your pancreas, liver and other digestive organs will have lesser strain and therefore, will be more active and healthy when it comes to functioning well. If it is possible for you, consume 50% of all your food in the 'natural way'. You can eat a fruit and vegetable salad, or probably squeeze them up and drink a fresh fruit and vegetable juice! Now that you know why fruits and vegetables are good for you, try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Remember, there is a reason why people are switching to the natural way of living. Try it and you might actually be amazed by the benefits that you may be rewarded with. It may seem weird initially, but then it will definitely make you feel more light and healthy.
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