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Liquor Calorie Chart

Weight Watchers, You Won't Want to Miss This Liquor Calorie Chart

Contrary to popular perception, liquor is laced with calories. Read ahead to familiarize yourself with liquor calories statistics pertaining to vodka, beer, wine, whiskey, tequila, etc.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
This article on liquor calories statistics is mainly aimed at making you aware about the fact that 'liquor' and 'calories' go hand in hand. Most weight watchers are careful about what they eat, but rarely pay attention to what they drink. Alcohol has all of seven calories per gram, and this number is second only to fat (nine calories per gram). On that note, let us take a look at the liquor calories statistics associated with different types of liquor.

* Note: The values given below are not exact due to changes in the recipes made by brewers. Hence use them only for reference and not for any dietary calculations.

If you do not want to end up having a beer belly, you might want to go through the following liquor calories chart pertaining to beer. It will give you an idea of the number of calories in beer (brand-wise).

**Calories (per 12 oz)
Beer Brand Calories
Blue Moon 170
Coors 150
Beck's 143
Budweiser 143
Clausthaler 95
Foster's Lager 155
Heineken 165
Pabst 151
Sam Adams Light 125
Signature Stroh 152
Stroh's Light 112
Tuborg Export Quality 155
Miller Genuine Draft 143
Stag 146
Amstel Light 95
Busch 133
Shiner Light 120
Tsingtao 157
Yuengling Light Lager 96
Moosehead 153
Mickey's 157
Murphy's Stout 150

Vodka, by itself, contains approximately 65 calories per ounce. Of course, what you eventually mix with it will determine the total number of alcohol calories in your vodka-based drink. Here is a chart that will give you an idea of the number of calories associated with common vodka-based drinks.

Vodka-based drink Calories
Vodka + Coke (175ml) 120
Vodka + Tonic Water (175ml) 90
Vodka + Orange Juice (175ml) 125
Vodka + Red Bull (175ml) 113
Smirnoff Ice (bottle) 175
Vodka + Tomato Juice (175ml) 100
Vodka + Soda and Lime (200ml) 75

After beer and vodka, it's time for the ladies' favorite - wine. When it comes to wines, the calorie content of the wine, naturally, is directly proportional to its alcohol content. Here is a chart which provides information on the number of calories present in different wine types.

**Calories (per 4 fl oz)

Wine Calories
Champagne 105
Port wine (white) 170
Chardonnay 90
Merlot 95
Rose wine 95
Champagne (pink) 100
Riesling 90
Sangria 115
Red sparkling wine 90
White sparkling wine 80

For those who like their Scotch on the rocks, here is some information regarding 'Scotch calories'. About 65 calories is what one ounce of scotch whiskey contains. For more details on whiskey calories and calories in whiskey-based drinks, you can refer to the chart below.

Drink Calories
Whiskey + Soda (single serve) 55
Whiskey + Lemonade (single serve) 80
Johnnie Walker Black (40% alc) (1.5 fl oz) 95
Seagram's 7 Crown (40% alc) (1.5 fl oz) 95
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 80 Proof (40% alc) (1.5 fl oz) 98
Talisker Whisky (46% alc) (1.5 fl oz) 111
Baileys Irish Cream (17% alc) (1.5 fl oz) 147

* As far as the number of tequila calories is concerned, it's quite a straightforward answer. Approximately 70 calories is what one ounce of tequila will set you back by.

On a concluding note, ensure not to drink on an empty stomach, try to alternate a drink with a glass of water to prevent dehydration and stick to your recommended daily drinking units. You may not notice those extra calories in your drink at a party or a night out because, the calories in alcohol add up slowly and result in an unexpected amount of weight gain. Hence, enjoy your drink and drink responsibly!
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