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What is Organic Coconut Milk

Understand What Organic Coconut Milk is Along With its Benefits

Organic coconut milk is a perfect blend of the qualities of a coconut and the characteristics of organic food. This combination makes it more beneficial for health as well as beauty care. Read through this NutriNeat article to learn more about its uses and health benefits.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
It is a misconception most people have, that coconut trees are raised without using any fertilizers or pesticides and hence, all coconut products available in the market are totally chemical free! As a matter of fact, least developed farming methods also use certain fertilizers for cultivating coconuts and hence, not all its products are chemical-free and organic. Basically, organic ones are grown using the best farming methods with absolutely no usage of fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming method rather, relies on compost and some other nature-based fertilizers. Coconut milk and its other products gathered from such trees are the best with richer nutritional value and maximum health benefits.
Due to highly modified farming methods, the bar of quality and nutritional value is raised very high in case of organic coconut milk. This milk is incurred with absolutely no use of any preservatives and flavorings. Only fresh coconut meat is used for producing this milk, and other products. As a result, there are tremendous health benefits on offer. The ingredients are only coconut meat and clean water. Purest milk consists a minimal amount of water content.
Organic milk available in the market is divided into two categories; coconut milk and coconut cream. This classification is made on the basis of fat content in the milk. If the amount of fat is less than around 17%, then it is called milk, whereas, if the amount of fat is more than 24%, then it is called cream (which is more concentrated with less amount of water in it). This milk is a great alternative to dairy milk, to a certain extent. Remember, dairy milk cannot be substituted with coconut milk, due to a few potential differences in both. For instance, it cannot be used for making tea and coffee, but it is inevitable in making various cuisines from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Caribbean, and Hawaii.
It is a fact that coconut milk in its organic form, is loaded with calories and, hence it must be strictly consumed in moderation for optimum health. It is rich in calcium and many other minerals, like, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and selenium. It is also rich in vital vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E, and a few pro vitamins as well. The biggest benefit is that it has no cholesterol and very less amount of fatty chains. It contains carbohydrates as well as proteins, both beneficial for health.
Organic milk powder is also available, which is the dehydrated form of milk. It has a great shelf life and can be used by mixing it in equal amounts of lukewarm water. On the other hand, this milk is also rated really high in the field of skin and hair care. Organic milk shampoo is one of its best examples of hair care products. Along with coconut milk, the shampoo is made of egg proteins, extra virgin organic coconut oil and several herbs that are beneficial for hair care. Only thing to look for, is the cosmetics that you want to use, consist only organic milk and not diluted, mild versions of coconut milk.
This milk is a good conditioner for hair, and usage of its shampoo is very beneficial for healthy hair growth. Although it is a good moisturizer for dry and flaked skin, it also acts as a good cleanser for oily skin. It is very important and useful for overall beauty care, because of its antioxidant properties. As a result, most of the organic skin care products use this milk as an active ingredient.
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