Soft Boiled Egg Calories

Soft Boiled Egg Calories

Soft boiling is a great method of cooking eggs, without affecting their nutritional value and taste. Read on to know more.
Boiled eggs are one of the most relished form of eggs and are mainly used as a perfect breakfast choice, all over the world. Boiled eggs are obtained by cooking eggs in water for a certain period of time. There is a huge difference in boiled eggs and poached eggs and that is, boiled eggs are cooked in water, with their shell unbroken. There are two ways to boil an egg, namely, hard boiling and soft boiling. For those who are not sure about soft boiled egg calories as well as the procedure of soft boiling, here is some useful information.

Soft Boiled Egg
Adored all over the world, soft boiled eggs are very beneficial as they have all the egg's nutrition factors intact. The preparation method is the deciding factor of its calories. They are boiled only for a short period of time, which helps in killing stubborn and harmful bacteria present in it. Soft boiled eggs contain, mostly cooked egg white and partially cooked yolk that has a runny structure. They are intended to be consumed as soon as they are prepared.

Soft boiled eggs are served in the good old egg cups, that keep the runny and drippy egg yolk in its proper place. Preparing these is a skill from start to end of the procedure. The duration for which you boil the eggs is very important to get them in the desired form. Simmer the egg for 3 min or less depending on the form of the egg yolk that you want. To eat the egg, one must cut off the top with an egg scissor and then place it on the egg cup to serve. Soft boiled eggs eaten with buttered toast strips (that are called 'soldiers' in UK), is one delight anyone can wish for. Not only for the yummy taste, the calories are also less than many of the breakfast options that are available for us on the platter.

Calories in a soft boiled egg are very less as compared to any other egg recipes, including fried eggs and sunny side ups. When served with whole grain breads and several healthy salads like asparagus salad, the calories get well distributed and are very manageable for a healthy body. Here is some helpful information on their nutrition facts. The given information is about one medium to large sized soft boiled egg.

Calories from Fat50
Total Fat6.0g (2.0g saturated)
Vitamin A5%

The mentioned percent 'daily values' are actually based on the 2000 calorie diet plan. Calories in a soft boiled egg are around 80, which are relatively very less compared to many other food items that we consume on a daily basis. There is one warning that these eggs are not recommended to be consumed by pregnant women, children, elderly and people having weak immune system and related diseases. It is because soft boiled eggs are prone to getting contaminated by harmful viruses very quickly and there are chances of a person to fall for several bacterial infections such as salmonella infection.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about the calories in a soft boiled egg and start enjoying it to stay healthy!