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Best Packaged Food Brands

Best Packaged Food Brands

Packaged foods are infamous for their artificial ingredients, chemical additives, and Bisphenol A (BPA) content. However, companies these days are trying very hard to produce good quality, chemical-free products that pose no harm to the body. Let's find out more about these product brands from this NutriNeat article.
Priya Johnson
"Most Americans live on a diet that includes processed fare that is neither fresh nor natural."
― Homaro Cantu
With food items being adulterated so heavily these days, it's so difficult to identify the good from the bad. Most foods contain trans fats, high levels of sodium, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, refined grains, etc., not to mention the chemical additives and artificial ingredients added to them. This makes us wary of all products in the market. However, there are some companies that have taken special care to manufacture food products that are nutritious and chemical-free.
But, with every other company introducing its line of organic products, it's difficult to differentiate. Even simple, day-to-day products, like milk, eggs, bread, etc., vary in quality, and need to be studied carefully to find out which one is the best. Let's take a look at some common products we purchase and the best packaged food brands available.
Eggland's Best Organic Eggs
Eggland's Best organic eggs are laid by hens that feed on 100% vegetarian and natural feed. The farms, they are raised on, have no roosters, which means the eggs we purchase aren't fertile. These eggs are then delivered to stores within 72 hours of laying, which raises this brand's brownie points. Fresh Eggland's Best eggs are higher in nutritional value as compared to other eggs, with higher values of vitamin A, D, B12, etc. Moreover, they also contain lesser saturated fat and cholesterol content. The omega-3 fatty acid content is also higher than in other eggs. These eggs also taste far superior than the local organic eggs!

Website: Eggland's Best Organic Eggs
Eden Foods Organic Canned Black Beans
This brand of canned black turtle beans contains zero chemical additives and salt content. The highlight of this canned black bean is that it's packed in BPA-free can linings. Moreover, the beans are grown in a soil that is rich in minerals, which eventually makes the beans more nutritious. These black turtle beans are thoroughly washed and soaked overnight in purified water, before they are cooked in the kosher cannery. The kombu sea vegetable added to the beans adds a wonderful flavor to the beans. So, the next time you decide to prepare tacos or soups, make sure you pick this brand.

Website: Eden Foods Organic Canned Black Beans
Applegate Farms Organic Sunday Bacon
This good old-fashioned country bacon lacks chemical additives, and is specially selected from antibiotic and hormone-free pork. It contains less than 2% celery powder and organic evaporated cane syrup. Moreover, no nitrates or nitrites have been added to the meat, and it is also casein and gluten-free. The animals are grass-fed, and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. The bacon is seasoned and then smoked over hardwood, which is what gives the bacon its superior flavor. Its perfect texture and well-rounded flavor makes it the best bacon brand to opt for!
Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bars
This palate-appetizing snack is made from whole grains, whole-roasted nuts, sun-dried fruit, and a little wildflower honey. These granola bars have been made without artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, thereby, making it an ideal sweet treat. Moreover, it also contains essential protein and fiber content required by the body. Above all, it does not contain omega-6 fatty acids, which is very common in most granola bars found today. So, if you're standing in the supermarket aisle and wondering about which granola bar to pick, pick this one!

Website: Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bars
Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
This pasta brand is 100% whole wheat, and has been prepared from superior quality wheat that has been grown on family farms. The pasta is dried at low temperatures over a long period of time, and the nutrients present in the wheat remain intact. The pasta is 100% organic, with no use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Above all, the flavor of this pasta is simply fantastic! Its nutty, yet slightly sweet flavor makes it palate-friendly. In fact, Bionaturae organic whole wheat pasta won the taste test conducted by WebMD, so it's definitely worth trying!

Website: Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
Organic Valley 2% Milk
The bitter truth is that milk is the most adulterated food available today, which is why it is important to pick one that is healthy and nutritious. Organic Valley's reduced fat milk comes from antibiotic-free cows that graze on pastures. Moreover, the milk is ultra-pasteurized (longer shelf life) and then homogenized. The milk is not only free from pesticides and hormones, but is also fortified with vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3.

Website: Organic Valley 2% Milk
Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Made with 100% organic and real ingredients, this tea is prized for its superior flavor and aroma. This organic tea is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It is grown in a soil rich in minerals and nutrients, which results in superior quality tea. Numi organic jasmine green tea is prepared by allowing jasmine flowers to infuse their delicate flavor into green tea leaves. The final tea has a delicate jasmine flavor that blends extremely well with the flavor of green tea.

Website: Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Heinz Organic Ketchup
When we talk about Heinz Organic Ketchup, we're not just talking about ketchup prepared from organic tomato paste, but also the use of all organic ingredients, such as organic sugar, organic onion powder, organic spices, organic vinegar, etc. Moreover, in this organic version, corn-based sweeteners have been replaced with sugar. What's even better is that this version tastes better than the original one. So, there's no compromise on flavor!

Website: Heinz Organic Ketchup
Ancient Harvest Quinoa Mac & Cheese
If you're looking for gluten-free, ready-to-eat macaroni and cheese, then Ancient Harvest Quinoa mac & cheese is the best option available. Made from organic quinoa and corn flour, this pasta is loaded with nutrients found in the quinoa grain. Moreover, this instant pasta is free from chemical additives and preservatives, which gives it some more brownie points. As compared to the other brands, this brand contains fewer calories and lesser salt content. The pasta is firm, cooks well, and the flavor is also better.

Website: Ancient Harvest Quinoa Mac & Cheese
Smucker's Organic Peanut Butter
Prepared from organic, freshly roasted peanuts and organic salt, this peanut butter brand is healthy and nutritious. The best part is it doesn't contain sugar (this may affect the taste), which makes it healthier. It's also free from trans-fatty acids and hydrogenated oils. The flavor is not the traditional kind, and may require some time to get used to. However, most people have found this brand becoming their favorite one after a few bites. Try it, and find out for yourself!

Website: Smucker's Organic Peanut Butter
This was just a small list. To understand each food item thoroughly, peruse through the food labels carefully and analyze the data. You will also have to compare the labels on different brands. This will help you understand the pros and cons of each packaged food brand. All the best!