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Chart of Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

A Detailed Chart of Calories Present in Different Alcoholic Drinks

The percentage of alcohol in alcoholic drinks determines the calories in the drink. Each chart in this article presents calories in alcoholic drinks. The charts will help you choose a low-calorie drink. Scroll down....
Leena Palande
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Most men and women can't imagine a life without alcoholic drinks. Whiskey, rum, vodka, champagne, beer, wine and various cocktails form an invariable part of daily diet. Many times, people don't realize that alcohol beverages add calories to their daily calorie intake, leading to weight gain. Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and excessive calories result in various health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. It is good that more and more people are becoming conscious about diet and calories. Take a look at the chart of calories in wine first. Women who prefer wine should be aware of calories in wine. Daily calorie intake plays a major role in gaining or losing weight.
Calories in Wine

Wine contains water, alcohol and grape flavor. The quality (flavor, smoothness and color) of wine depends upon the type of grapes used, the method of preparation and the climate and soil in which the grapes are grown. Calories in alcohol beverages depend mainly on the alcohol content.
Type of Wine Serving Size Calories
Rose Wine 1 Glass 73
Red Table Wine 1 Glass 102
White Wine 1 Glass 96
Dessert Wine 1 Glass 130
Riesling White Wine 1 fl. oz. 23
Riesling Sweet Dessert Wine 6 fl. oz. 270
Red Wine 3.5 fl.oz. 85
Dry Dessert Wine 1 fl. oz. 45
Dry Red Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 83
Dry White Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 77
Sparkling Wine 3.83 fl.oz. 92

Note: 1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliters (about 30 mL).
Calories in Beer

Beer is the favorite drink of most men. Those who drink a large quantity of beer should watch out for its calories. Beer is made from fermented and brewed grains (mostly barley, malt and hops that are responsible for the characteristic bitterness of the drink). The ratio of malt and barley determine the strength of the beer.
Type of Beer Serving Size Calories
Mac's Light (1% Alcohol) 12 fl.oz. 40.6
Budweiser Select 55 (2.4% Alcohol) Bottle 55
Miller's Genuine Draft 64 (2.8% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Beck's Premier Light (2.3% Alcohol) Bottle 64
Pearl Light (2.2% Alcohol) Bottle 68
Labatt Nordic (0.5% Alcohol) 1 Serving 80
Aspen Age (4.1% Alcohol) Bottle 94
Michelob Ultra (4.2% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Natural Light (4.4% Alcohol) Bottle 95
Lager Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 150
Stout Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 195
Pale Ale Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 147
Wheat Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 165
Draught Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 126
Porter Beer Pint/12 fl.oz. 200
Budweiser (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 145
Bud Light (4.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 110
Heineken Lager (5.0% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 150
Corona Extra (4.6% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 148
Foster's Lager (5.1% Alcohol) 12-ounce serving 156

Calories in Whiskey
Scotch 'whisky' is always spelled 'without an e'. The method of preparation, ingredients (it is made from barley and water), the period of maturation determines the quality and aroma of the whiskey.
Description Serving Size Calories
Calories in Whiskey Shot 1 shot / 1 fl oz / 27.8g 64
Calories in Whiskey and Water on the Rocks 8 oz 124
Calories in Whiskey and Soda Single (25 ml) 56
Calories in Whiskey and Diet Coke Single (25 ml) 64
Calories in Whiskey and Coke Single (25 ml) 129
Calories in Whiskey Sour 1 oz 110-128
Calories in Scotch 1 oz 61-65
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey 80 Proof (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 98
Johnnie Walker Black (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Seagram's 7 Crown (40% alc) 1.5 fl oz 95
Talisker whiskey (46% alc) 1.5 fl oz 111
Whiskey plus Lemonade single serve 80

Calories in Vodka
Good quality vodka contains a single ingredient like potato or wheat. The quality of the drink depends upon the smoothness and taste of the drink.
Description Serving Size Calories
Vodka and Diet Coke 5.66 fl.oz. 56
Smirnoff Ice 12 fl.oz. 175
Vodka plus Coke 5.83 fl.oz. 120
Vodka plus Orange Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 125
Vodka plus Red Bull 5.83 fl.oz. 113
Vodka plus Soda and Lime 6.66 fl.oz. 75
Vodka plus Tomato Juice 5.83 fl.oz. 100
Vodka plus Tonic Water 5.83 fl.oz. 90

Calories in Rum
Rum is made from the byproducts of sugarcane. It is made by fermenting and distilling molasses and sugarcane juice.
Description Serving Size Calories
Rum and Diet Coke 1 oz. rum 65
Bacardi Silver 12 fl oz 225
Bacardi Silver Lemon 12 fl oz 225
Rum, 100 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 125
Rum, 94 proof 1.5 fl oz/1 jigger 115

Chart of Calories in Other Alcoholic Drinks
Additives increase the calories in drinks. The following chart describes calories in other alcohol beverages. I hope the chart includes your favorite cocktail.
Description Serving Size Calories
Bloody Mary 1 oz 90
Vodka Martini 1 oz 70
Screwdriver 1 oz 25
Cosmopolitan 1 oz 121
Sex on the Beach 1 oz 150
Sea breeze 1 oz 140
Long Island Iced Tea 1 oz 275
Champagne 1 oz 65-70
Tequila 1 oz 60-65
Brandy 1 oz 60-64
Gin and Tonic 1 oz 180-185
Green Apple Martini 1 oz 144-148

Phew! I need a drink now! I hope you found each and every chart of calories in alcoholic drinks, helpful. Each brand of whiskey, wine, vodka, rum, etc. has a unique feel and flavor. Choose the correct drink and stay healthy!
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