Fried Egg Calories

Fried Egg Calories

Eggs are healthy and tasty and also made quickly. Leaf through the following article to know about fried egg calories. Read on to know the health benefits of eggs.
Fried egg is traditionally eaten for breakfast, lunch or as a snack with tea in almost all countries of the world. Scrambled eggs, omelets are other popular egg recipes. Just a glance at the eggs sunny side up, frying in a pan, can make you feel hungry! Fried eggs are usually eaten with toasts. They are served in various ways, for example, with bacon, sausages, or a variety of condiments. Eggs are good sources of proteins and are great for breakfast.

Fried Eggs

Take a fry pan, keep it on the stove. Just hold the egg over the fry pan and break it. You are supposed to cook it quickly on a high heat, you don't need to turn it over. If you want a low calorie fried egg, you are not supposed to use butter or oil. A custard-like yolk with a cooked surface indicates that the 'fried egg' is ready to serve. You may sprinkle black pepper, chili powder, or cut green chilies and salt lightly over the fried egg, while cooking or after the frying stage. These ingredients enhance the taste of the egg.

Calories in Fried Egg

Description Of Fried EggCalories
Large (46 g)90
Extra large101
100 g fried egg194
1 cup fried egg264
Large fried egg without fat73

Calories in Eggs

Egg TypeCalories
Egg white16 - 18
Egg yolk58 - 60
Whole raw egg76 - 78
Soft boiled egg78 - 80
Hard-boiled egg78 - 81
Scrambled eggup to 100
Poached egg79 - 81
Egg sandwich / egg salad with mayonnaiseup to 556

Egg White

Egg white contains negligible amount of fat and zero cholesterol, and therefore is considered as a very good source of protein. As mentioned above, egg white, which forms around 2/3rd of a large egg, contains only around 16 to 18 calories. Egg nutrition facts inform us that the egg white of a large egg contains about 3 g protein, 2 mg calcium, 4 mg phosphorus, 45 mg potassium and 55 mg sodium. I am sure you would be glad to know that egg whites are recommended in weight loss diets. But too much of egg whites may cause side effects due to high sodium content. Fried egg calories are comparatively higher than boiled egg calories, as oil or butter is normally used to cook them. The best way of eating eggs is to consume boiled eggs. You are expected to eat them without adding any calorie rich ingredients, if you want to have a low calorie breakfast or lunch. Let us see why eggs are supposed to be healthy.

Health Benefits of Eggs
  • The low calorie egg whites contain high quality protein and therefore is recommended for people who need to consume more proteins while undergoing chemotherapy or renal treatment.
  • Eggs are beneficial for eyes due to the high carotenoid content, specifically lutein and zeaxanthin. So eggs are recommended for people having cataract and macular degeneration.
  • In ancient times, egg whites were used to heal wounds. These days, they are used in face packs or applied to hair. It is believed that they improve the quality of skin and hair.
  • If you eat eggs regularly, they will help prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.
  • Eggs contain vitamins like choline and folate, minerals like iron and zinc and high quality proteins. Therefore they help maintain good memory.
Hope this article on fried egg calories was informative. We can conclude that eggs help maintain the weight, increase muscle strength, enhance brain function and promote eye health. Eggs are good for pregnant women, as they promote health of the mother and the baby. But it should be noted that some kids or even some adults have egg allergies. But despite the numerous health benefits, people are afraid of eating 'sunny side up' fried eggs, because of their fear of getting infected by salmonella, which is commonly found in eggs.