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High Carb Meals

High Carb Meals

People who are following a high carb diet need to eat high carb meals. In this article we are going to discuss all about high carb meal ideas...
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Carbohydrates have got a lot of flak as being the primary reason for people piling on those unwanted pounds. But most people forget that carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for the body. Of course, that does not mean that you stuff yourself with carbohydrate rich food like rice, pasta and potatoes. However, you do not need to ban these food from your diet either. Carbohydrates are basically of two types: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. A diet which is rich in complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, chickpeas, beans, brown rice, oats, rye, millet, root vegetables and parsnips is good for the body as they have a low glycemic index. These foods release insulin into the bloodstream gradually, which keeps your energy levels balanced and keeps you satiated for a longer time. High carb meals can be had as a part of high carb diet plans. It is also suitable for athletes who undergo strenuous physical activities.
Healthy High Carb Meals 
Many people who are on a low carb diet, like Atkins diet or the South Beach diet, feel listless and lethargic due to low carbohydrate intake. A diet that is very low in carbohydrates also contribute to mood swings. That is why, when people are depressed, they always crave for comfort food like pasta and risotto because of the high amount of carbohydrates in it. Whether you are following a high carb diet or are looking for simple high carbohydrate meals because you are an athlete, here is a sample high carb meal plan.
Meal Food
Breakfast 2 pancakes with 1 teaspoon maple syrup, 1 glass low-fat milk, ½ glass of fresh orange juice
Snack 1 bagel with jam
Lunch Mixed vegetable and tofu stir fry, brown rice pilaf, ½ grapefruit
Snack Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, 1 kiwifruit
Dinner Grilled salmon steak, baked potato with 1 tablespoon sour cream, ½ bowl steamed green beans, green salad with vinaigrette
Snack ½ toasted muffin with jam
High Carbohydrate Meals for Athletes

For athletes and people who do a lot of physical activities, consuming meals high in carbohydrates is absolutely essential. Athletes who do not consume adequate amounts of carbohydrates will lose energy very quickly which will lead to muscle fatigue, thereby impairing training and performance. In addition to the high carb meal plan that has been given above, high carb meals for runners and athletes should also include fresh, seasonal fruits, lots of green leafy vegetables, and ample dairy products. Foods that are high in complex carbohydrates contain essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, iron and dietary fiber that are essential for maintaining a healthy body.
High Carbohydrate Food List
Here is a list of high carbohydrates foods which will help you in meal planning.
Vegetable Portion Carbs
White Potato ½ cup 15.4gm
Sweet potato 1 medium 22.4gm
Butternut squash ½ cup 10.8gm
Acorn squash ½ cup 14.9gm
Leeks 1 stalk 12.6gm
Corn ½ cup 16.0gm
Black eye peas ½ cup 22.0gm
Brussels sprouts 6 10.9gm
Artichoke 1 13.4gm
Carrots 1 small 7.3gm
Bagel 1 31.2gm
Peas ½ cup 9.9gm
Snow Peas ½ cup 9.8gm
Pumpkin ½ cup 9.9gm
Brown rice ½ cup 25.0gm
Water chestnuts ½ cup 8.7gm
Raisins ½ cup 78.9gm
Shallots ½ cup 6.7gm
Dried Mushrooms 2 tablespoons 8.9gm

Whether you are an athlete or a regular person trying to lose weight, there are numerous ways in which you can make high carbohydrate meals a part of your daily diet. When you are having lunch, skip the pasta alfredo, which is a refined carbohydrate, and instead have a fiber rich whole wheat sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and grilled chicken slices. You can also opt for a brown rice pilaf or a bean and lentil soup which will leave you energized throughout the day. Making such smart choices will make you less susceptible to grogginess after lunch which will in turn increase your productivity at work.
Although a high carb diet, rich in complex carbohydrates is healthy, you have to make sure that you do not combine high carb meals with high fat foods, as this will make you gain weight. Making healthy and smart meal choices is not hard to do. Just make sure that you are having a balanced meal with lots of complex carbohydrates, adequate protein and limited sugars and fats.
Carrots of different colors
Ripe potato on a white background
Sweet potato
Purple Fleshed Sweet Potato
Red sweet potato in Bowl
Sweet Pumpkin of green
Pumpkin plants
Sweet potato
Slices of Japanese purple sweet potato on the cutting board
Red sweet potato
Pumpkin Variety
Orange and white pumpkin on haystack
Red potato
Purple Yam
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Cut fresh potato