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Natural Ways to Remove Toxins from the Body and Feel Fresh Again

Natural Ways to Remove Toxins from the Body
Now, you no longer need to spend money on a natural body cleanse at health clinics and spas, natural detoxification can be done easily. All you need do, is to follow a regular detoxification routine, and the day is not far behind when you will find a new, rejuvenated, and refreshed you!
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Almost all of us lead stressful lives these days. Working late, sleeping less, eating junk food which is easily available, does take its toll on our body. The result? Weight gain, depression, skin problems such as acne, lifestyle diseases, indigestion, etc. So what can a person do when he finds himself in such a deteriorating health condition? Take certain steps which will help improve his overall health. Scroll down for some effective tips on natural body cleanse and detox.
Stay away from Chemicals
To cleanse your body naturally, stay away from chemicals as much as possible. Refrain from eating foods with chemicals such as those found in food additives, preservatives or food colors. Do not apply too much makeup or use cosmetics on skin as they have chemicals too. Instead, rely on natural skin care.
water detoxifies
Drink lots of Water
Drink lots and lots of water. Water improves digestion by improving the functioning of the liver. Secondly, it removes the wastes and toxins from the body, thus cleansing the body naturally.
Keep Weekly Fasts
Fix one day in a week when you will not eat any solid food. Take only fresh vegetable and fruit juices along with water on this day. Fasting helps in giving the body rest for one day, thus rejuvenating it completely.
being vegetarian helps
Become a Vegetarian
Eliminate meats completely from your diet. Instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Once every three months, take a natural body cleanse diet for a week. During this week, stick to only raw and uncooked fruits and vegetables, no meats and no dairy products. Refrain from putting any spices or dressings on the foods. Only eat raw and fresh vegetables and fruits in natural form.
fibrous foods are good for health
Eat Fiber-rich Foods
Including fiber rich foods in the diet provides a natural colon cleanse. So eat high fiber fruits and vegetables such as apples, avocados, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kidney beans, onions, and tomatoes.
bitter food helps detoxify
Eat Bitter Foods
Taking bitter tasting foods such as grapefruit, lemon juice, and bitter gourd help in cleansing the liver. Such foods stop the toxins from spreading to other parts of the body, thus aiding in body cleanse, particularly, liver cleanse.
exercise keeps people fit
Exercising everyday has many benefits. It removes the toxins in the body by way of sweat. It keeps the weight under check. It increases the amount of oxygen in the body. And lastly, it keeps the heart and the lungs strong.
yoga helps detoxify
Keep Stress in Check
Stress and anxiety are known to have an adverse effect on the health. So, undertake stress management activities such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation on a regular basis. After all, for a healthy body, a healthy mind is necessary too.
exfoliation detoxifies body
Maintain Hygiene
Cleansing the body from outside should be combined with keeping it clean and hygienic from inside. So take a shower everyday and brush your teeth twice a day. Exfoliate the body every week for dead skin removal. One of the best recipes for exfoliating body scrub is to mix together granulated sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, honey, and pineapple juice in equal quantities. Exfoliate the body by rubbing this mixture on it. Leave on for twenty minutes and then take a bath.
• Eat at regular intervals throughout the day.
• Having five to six small meals is an ideal way.
• Avoid caffeine, fatty foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.
• First thing in the morning, take a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze juice of half a lemon in it and a teaspoon of honey. This will improve the digestion immensely.
• Rely on herbal beverages such as green tea, chamomile tea, and ginger tea, instead of canned juices and colas.