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A List of Starchy Vegetables You'll Certainly Want to Refer To

Starchy Vegetables List
Starch is the most important carbohydrate in the human diet and is a very essential energy source. Here is a list of all the starchy vegetables that one can choose from.
Shrinivas Kanade
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Carbohydrates, which form a major part of our daily diet, are divided into two main groups -

  • Simple Carbohydrates   
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Simple carbohydrates are made up of small molecules of sugar, and are found in fruits, milk and milk products, maple syrup, honey, molasses, table sugar, etc. These are easily digested by the body and provide instant energy, thus affecting one's sugar levels.
  • Complex carbohydrates, are made up of long, complex chains of sugar, and are, therefore, not digested quickly. This maintains the blood sugar levels and provides long-lasting energy. Complex carbs consist of dietary fiber and starch.
Plants store energy in the form of starch, which is made up with a chain of glucose molecules. Primarily, gastric amylase is the enzyme involved in the process of digesting the starch obtained from vegetables.

Digested starch is stored by animal cells in the form of glycogen, which is then used by the body for carrying out various activities. Starch is mainly found in cereals, grains, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. Following is a list of starchy veggies.
List of Starchy Veggies
Pigeon peas
Pigeon peas - whole, dried, raw
Starch content: 54.8g
Split peas
Split peas - dried, raw
Starch Content: 54.7g
Green peas
Peas - dried, raw
Starch Content: 47.6g
Moong beans
Mung beans - whole, dried, raw
Starch Content: 40.9g
Raw yam
Yam - boiled
Starch Content: 32.3g
Green banana
Plantain - boiled
Starch Content: 23.0g
Split peas - dried, boiled (without salt)
Starch Content: 21.0g
Potatoes - white, flesh and skin, baked
Starch: 18.0g
Potatoes - baked, flesh and skin (with or without salt)
Starch Content: 17.3g
Potatoes (Pentland Crown) - raw
Starch Content: 17.1g
Potatoes (Maris Piper) - raw
Starch Content: 16.7g
Potatoes (King Edward) - raw
Starch Content: 16.4g
Potatoes (Desiree) - raw
Starch Content: 16.1g
Processed peas - canned, re-heated, drained
Starch Content: 14.7g
Potatoes - flesh and skin, raw
Starch Content: 15.4g
Raw garlic
Garlic - raw
Starch Content: 14.7g
Mung beans - dried, boiled (without salt)
Starch Content: 14.1g
Marrowfat peas - canned, re-heated, drained
Starch Content: 13.9g
Mushy peas - canned, re-heated
Starch Content: 10.7g
Peas - boiled (with or without salt)
Starch Content: 7.6g
Peas - raw
Starch Content: 7.0g
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes - cooked, baked in skin (with or without salt)
Starch Content: 7.0g
Parsnip roots
Parsnip - boiled
Starch Content: 6.4g
Sweet potatoes - cooked, boiled, without skin
Starch Content: 5.2g
Soya beans
Soya beans - dried raw
Starch Content: 4.8g
Peas - raw, frozen, boiled (with or without salt)
Starch Content: 4.7g
Peas - green, frozen, unprepared
Starch Content: 4.2g
Papri beans - canned, drained
Starch Content: 2.9g
Edamame - frozen, prepared
Starch Content: 2.8g
Papri beans - raw
Starch Content: 2.4g
Soya beans - dried, boiled (in unsalted water)
Starch Content: 1.9g
Raw carrots
Carrots - raw
Starch Content: 1.4g
Beans - snap, green, frozen, all styles, unprepared
Starch Content: 1.5g
Sugarsnap peas
Sugarsnap Peas - raw
Starch Content: 1.3g
Sugarsnap peas - boiled (in salted water)
Starch Content: 1.3g
Sliced cucumbers
Cucumbers - with peel, raw
Starch Content: 0.8g
Mangetout peas
Mangetout peas - raw
Starch Content: 0.8g
Brown mushrooms
Mushrooms (Portabella) - grilled
Starch Content: 0.4g
Lady finger
Okra - raw
Starch Content: 0.3g
Carrots - cooked, boiled, drained (with or without salt)
Starch Content: 0.2g
Along with starchy vegetables, it is also important that an individual's diet includes other sources of starch, like brown rice, barley, quinoa, amaranth, oatmeal, tapioca, various nuts and seeds, etc. Avoid choosing processed food sources, like baked goods or processed cereals.

One needs to include a variety of food in the diet so that one-third portion comprises carbohydrates, other one-third comprises fruits and vegetables, and the remaining comprises protein-rich food. This ensures proper nutrition absorption by the body.
Red Yams
Autumn pumpkins
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Masala Fried Lady Fingers
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