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Weekend Diet Tips

Weekend Diet Tips

Learn about some weekend diet tips that will help you stay off the bad eats and heartbreaking rise in calories, by being watchful of what goes into your system when straying away from your weekday diet.
Naomi Sarah
Weekends aren't an easy time to put a leash on one's cravings since parties and happy hour sessions are bound to come together as a plan over the weekend. What if you've got a really long weekend coming up with holidays conveniently placed around the same time though? How can you not plan to enjoy yourself by doing nothing but binge on your favorite foods and drinks? That's where you go wrong - you cannot let yourself forget about the diet that you've been painstakingly following for so long.

All those days of sweating it out in the gym or working on your body with yoga or zumba cannot be taken for granted now can they? Why pile on the calories in a span of a few days and lose out on all that trouble? This is where things get a little interesting in trying to stay true to your diet, but having fun nonetheless. No one's asking you to sit forlorn at the dinner table eating salad while the rest gorge down on steak and fries.

How to Control the Urge to Binge Over the Weekend

To be able to control yourself whenever you spot a sugar laden food or greasy burger is no easy feat. These weekend diet tips when taken seriously should help you stay on track without losing yourself to tempting treats.

Consciously Warn Yourself
Ask yourself if you want to see any unsightly bulges or take on a bloated look that will immediately make you feel conscious that something is up with your body. The problem with binging over the weekend is that your body retains all that it gets, because it isn't used to foreign foods entering its system. From healthy portioned meals to big ones, the body accepts all that enters. The idea here is to tell yourself that when you stand on that scale next after the weekend, you will be heavier with the stress of having to go back to square one.

Pre-Planned Food Choices
You need to keep healthy food choices in your home that won't let you compromise on your diet routine. Stick to eating small portions and keep healthy eats like turkey, seafood, and chicken in your refrigerator so that you are forced to cook meals at home than order for takeout. Stock up on lots of fruits, nonfat yogurt, dark chocolate and low-fat dessert (make sure you check the label of these products since some manufacturers disguise ingredients with alternatives that don't help with cutting down on calories and unhealthy additives).

Eat these whenever you get sweet tooth cravings, but make sure you limit your portions to more than just one sitting. Space out your meals with two hours at least between each time slot. If you're eating outside with friends or family, order for something that is small portioned, or ask someone to share that one meal with you. Avoid carbs, gluten based eats, and most definitely stay clear from meats that have traces of visible fat. Grilled seafood and rich protein meats are your best friends; if you want to dig into beef or pork, it has got to be lean. Trim the fat off before you consume these meats, discarding what would've inevitably traveled straight to your hips.

How to Control Salt/Sugar Cravings
I know how a bag of barbecue flavored Doritos or a family pack of Dunkin' Donuts will have you salivating, but hold on now just a minute; why finish it? Why not just take a quarter bowlful of chips or just eat two donuts over the course of a single day? Don't allow yourself to let go of your diet so easily - remember these things equal calories! Just think of how all that excess sugar converts into fat, and how the foods loaded with salt are going to cause your body to retain water, which will eventually lead to bloating. There are more weekends than one that you can eat your favorite foods - just divide it between each weekend to help your body stay maintained. Keep healthy snacks around your home like whole wheat crackers, baked chips, nuts, dried fruit, or desserts like fresh fruit salad with nonfat cream or dark chocolate mousse.

Drink Lots of Water
Whenever you sit down for a meal, just drink a glass of water and then get down to eating half an hour later. This fills up your stomach forcing you to eat lesser than going on an all-out gorging session. Even when drinking alcohol, limit yourself to two drinks in a sitting. Cocktails when made outdoors contain a whole lot more calories than if you made it at home.

Don't Allow Friends to Let You Stray
I know what it's like to have people push food or snacks towards you, saying something like, 'Go on, eat! It's the weekend.' But you still have to hold on to the reins firmly and not give in to temptation. Eat a little of this and that but don't overdo it. Cut down on something else instead, like not drinking a second glass of alcohol or eating a light dinner if lunch was heavy, and vice versa. Striking a balance is key here when it comes to juggling between meals.

These tips on how to keep your food intake in check will help you keep off unwanted calorie-piling while on a long weekend break without feeling faint the next time you place yourself on a weighing scale. Try to eat as many healthy food options as you can and be wise when selecting meals in restaurants. Especially when caught in a buffet situation, take a little of this and that off the vast array of dishes, but do not go overboard. Try not going for seconds that include large portions, but smaller choices post the first round. Have a healthy tomorrow.