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7 Go-to Ideas for High-protein Breakfast to Keep You Satiated

High-protein Breakfast Ideas
Are you looking for some protein-packed breakfast ideas? Here we bring to you a selection of healthy breakfast dishes that are high in protein.
Marian K
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But many people skip breakfast and work the first half of the day in a famished state. Research has shown that people who skip breakfast have low energy levels, tend to snack unhealthily, and are more prone to gaining weight. So it is very important that you have a healthy breakfast.
A breakfast that is high in protein can help regulate blood sugar levels as well as your appetite. A high-protein breakfast keeps you satiated for a longer time and also prevents you from giving in to mid-morning cravings.
Ideas for High-protein Breakfast
Typical high-protein breakfast food like sausages, bacon, and eggs are often consumed fried. This makes them quite an unhealthy choice as they are very high in saturated fats and calories. Just changing the way you consume certain products can make a whole lot of difference to your diet and allow you to obtain the protein you need from them. Some healthy protein-rich breakfast dishes are as follows.
Baked Eggs
Baked Eggs
There are so many ways in which you can prepare eggs. But one of the healthiest (and tastiest) method of cooking eggs is by baking them. The best thing about baked eggs are that they are simple to prepare. All you need to do is grease a ramekin with olive oil and break one egg into it. Season with salt and pepper and bake it in a hot water bath in a moderately hot oven for 20 minutes.

One serving of baked egg contains 6.5 grams of protein.
Yogurt, Granola, and Berry Parfait
Chia Seeds Yogurt Pudding
One of the quickest breakfast idea is a parfait. Prepare a parfait by layering Greek yogurt with a handful granola and fresh berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This is a healthy breakfast food as Greek yogurt is rich in protein and granola contains dietary fiber. Berries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

One serving of yogurt and berry parfait (around 1 cup) contains 15 grams of protein.
Quinoa with Walnuts
Quinoa with Walnuts
Quinoa is very high in protein. In fact one cup of cooked quinoa contains more protein than one whole egg. It is very easy to prepare and all you need to do is cook quinoa in skimmed milk for 15-20 minutes. Once the milk is absorbed and the grains are soft and fluffy, add a teaspoon of honey, a few berries, and chopped walnuts.

One serving of cooked quinoa (around 1 cup) contains around 7 grams of protein.
Scrambled Tofu with Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
Scrambled Tofu
If you are a vegetarian, looking for a hearty breakfast idea ,that is also high in protein and low in fats, then scrambled tofu is just right for you. To make this meal more nutritious, add some diced red and yellow peppers. You can also add some fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and cilantro.

One serving of scrambled tofu (around 1 cup) has 22 grams of protein.
Amaranth Porridge
Amaranth Porridge
Another good breakfast idea is to have amaranth porridge. Amaranth grains are rich in protein as well as minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. To prepare amaranth porridge, all you have to do is add half a cup of amaranth to water and cook it for 20 minutes. You can sweeten the porridge with a tablespoon of honey and sprinkle it with cinnamon powder and dried raisins.

One serving of amaranth porridge has around 9 grams of protein.
White Beans with Squid and Balsamic Vinegar
White Beans with Squid
This particular breakfast idea is more of a brunch recipe, that is ideal for weekends. To prepare this dish, heat some olive oil in a pan and add a few baby squids. When they are just cooked, add the baked white beans and stir fry for two to three minutes. Season with salt and add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a handful of chopped parsley.

One serving (about 1 cup) has around 16 grams of protein.
Banana Smoothie
Banana Smoothie
For all those people who love to have smoothies for breakfast, a banana smoothie is the right choice. To make this smoothie, combine one frozen, ripe banana with a cup of yogurt, half a cup of low-fat milk, and a teaspoon of honey in a blender. This smoothie is rich in calcium and fiber and tastes great too.

One glass of banana smoothie contains around 14 grams of protein.
Other protein rich food that you can have for breakfast are tempeh, chickpeas, avocado, soy milk, brown rice and almond butter. Research has shown that consuming a protein rich diet can help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. So, include protein in your breakfast and enjoy a healthier life.
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